Convegno Nazionale AIDEA

Dipartimento di Studi Aziendali - Università degli Studi Roma Tre
Roma, 14-15 Settembre 2017

Evento realizzato con l'Alto Patronato del Presidente della Repubblica

Dipartimento di Studi Aziendali

Session 4 – Research perspectives in financial intermediation and corporate finance

Home Session 4 – Research perspectives in financial intermediation and corporate finance

Session Chairs: Massimo Belcredi e Daniele Previati

This session aims to promote and enhance interaction and debate among researchers (from different generations and/or following diverse methodological approaches) interested in financial markets, financial institutions and corporate finance. In particular, the session is focused on both mainstream and emerging perspectives in studies on financial intermediation and corporate finance. The main goal is to disseminate the results of research which may be useful for managers, directors and policy-makers, and may help improving management and governance of both financial and non-financial companies, thereby increasing their competitiveness and sustainability.

This session will welcome both theoretical and empirical papers and will be divided into the following tracks:

  1. Financial intermediation

A long-lasting financial crisis and financial innovation (Fintech) pose continually new challenges to financial systems. Research in business Administrations and management traditionally aims to analyse the consequences of monetary policy measures, regulation and supervision for the management of financial intermediaries and markets and, therefore, also for financial decisions of non-financial companies, families and institutions and for the morphology and working of financial systems. This track will include, in particular, papers dealing with: Regulation and Supervision Reforms, Financial innovation, Fintech, Alternative Finance (i.e. Crowdfunding), Shadow Banking, Restructuring and sustainability of the banking system, Credit Markets, Short-term Financing, Financing Investments, NPL and securitization, The role of institutional investors, Ethics and Financial Intermediation, Financial Education, Social Media and Financial Intermediation.

  1. Management of financial institutions

Following the traditional approach of business Administrations and management research, management of corporations (and also of financial institutions) is made up of management, organization and accounting. Studies in this field should help improving management of financial intermediaries, and to help them respond to the expectations of their various stakeholders. This track welcomes, in particular, papers dealing with: Corporate strategies and Business models, Governance and organization design in banking, Performance management systems, Compensation systems, Risk management systems, Internal control systems, Business processes (Lending, Payments, Asset Management), Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainability Strategy, Social Media Management.

  1. Financial markets

Organization and working of both primary and secondary financial markets, as well as financial instruments traded on such markets are typical research topics for scholars interested in Administrations of financial intermediaries. The evolution of financial systems has made financial intermediaries and markets more interconnected, thereby increasing both opportunities and risks for investors. This track includes papers dealing with the behaviour of investors, issuers, stock exchange companies and financial authorities, with particular attention for: Financial Market Microstructure, Trading Systems (traditional and alternative), Information and Efficiency, Liquidity, Pricing, Equity, Corporate Bonds, Derivatives, Wealth Management Industry, Pension Systems and Financial Markets.

  1. Corporate finance

This track invites papers focusing on new research perspectives in Corporate Finance. It welcomes papers on corporate finance and risk governance as necessary tools to pursue value creation for all shareholders. Therefore, this track will also include papers dealing with: Corporate Governance, Risk management and hedging, Corporate and asset valuation, Financial management, Capital structure and securities issuance, Corporate restructurings, M&A and takeovers, Finance for small business.

Publishing opportunities

The best papers presented at the Conference could be submitted in fast track to the following journals:

– Bancaria, Journal of Financial Management Markets and Institutions, Rivista Bancaria – Minerva Bancaria