Convegno Nazionale AIDEA

Dipartimento di Studi Aziendali - Università degli Studi Roma Tre
Roma, 14-15 Settembre 2017

Evento realizzato con l'Alto Patronato del Presidente della Repubblica

Dipartimento di Studi Aziendali

Session 10 – Journal of Management and Governance Celebrating 20 years of JMG

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Symposium and Parallel Session

  Emerging issues in management and governance in the paradoxical age of globalization: a low growth-rate world economy, hyper-change and sustainability

Twenty years from the publication of the first issue of JMG and ten years after the first JMG Symposium entitled “Emerging issues in management and governance”, this AIDEA conference – celebrating the “New Trends” by Gino Zappa, the Italian founder of “Economia Aziendale” – is the occasion to make the point in a forward-looking perspective.

Undeniably, the present social, political and economic environment is undergoing profound change which is accelerating more rapidly in pace and scale than ever before. Advances in technology and innovation are seeing entire business models disrupted; multiple stakeholders are demanding greater accountability by businesses; traditional notions of value and wealth creation are being challenged. Such issues have major implications for business and its role in society. Old-world thinking will not chart the way forward, so the old doctrine of maximizing shareholder value for listed firms, may not stand unquestioned in the future.

The symposium and the JMG parallel session on “Emerging issues in management and governance in the paradoxical age of globalization” start from the consideration of these times with low economic growth as well as negative interest rates, which triggers the question of how firms should design their management and governance systems, especially in a future that is expected to be ever more uncertain and complex. Thus, it aims to explore, debate and reflect on, topics that substantially challenge the status quo in organizational governance, leadership and management thinking and practice. Research papers to be presented in the JMG parallel Session 10 of AIDEA2017 conference are also welcome on such topics:
• Organizational governance (corporations, not-for-profit, public sector, NGOs, social enterprises) and grand challenges of multi-stakeholder initiatives (climate change, sustainability, poverty, inequality, diversity, neoliberalism and globalization)
• Governance of networked communities in the sharing economy (social entrepreneurship, cross-sector partnering, crowd-funding)
• Behavioral perspectives on corporate governance and management (humane organizational cultures, wise leadership, organizational health and well-being)
• Evolution of the role, motivations and behaviors of large institutional investors (activism, common ownership, fiduciary duty, responsible investment)
• The governance of listed firms and international stock markets – the dilemma between better and more regulation, in times where the issue of compliance and risk management become more important for top management

Lino Cinquini (JMG Editor in Chief)


Fabrizio Ferraro (IESE)
Coral Ingley (Auckland University of Technology)
Caspar Rose (Copenaghen Business School)]

Papers are welcome on these topics in the JMG Parallel Session 10

The Journal of Management and Governance will launch a Special Issue on these topics of the Symposium