Convegno Nazionale AIDEA

Dipartimento di Studi Aziendali - Università degli Studi Roma Tre
Roma, 14-15 Settembre 2017

Evento realizzato con l'Alto Patronato del Presidente della Repubblica

Dipartimento di Studi Aziendali

Session 8 – A historical analysis of research and education practices: “economia aziendale” in italian universities

Home Session 8 – A historical analysis of research and education practices: “economia aziendale” in italian universities

Session Chairs: Valerio Antonelli and Antonella Paolini

Since the Italian “Economia Aziendale” began to be considered as a science just 90 years ago, an interest topic in historical research could be: “How Academics have applied the basic principles of “Economia Aziendale” in their research and how they developed new teaching programs and new teaching methodologies in Italian Universities?”

In order to answer this question it is possible to apply – for example – Foucault’s concept of history, set out in “The Order of Things” and “The Archaeology of Knowledge” and widely used in several Accounting History studies (for example: “The Genealogies of calculation” by Miller and Napier or “The Archaeology of Accounting Systems” by Hopwood).

Accordingly, we encourage submissions from scholars which include, but are not limited to the following issues: the formation of a peculiar language of Italian scholars (“Aziendalisti”), the influence in the research of international models and theories, the ability/inability to communicate the results of national research (with their models and theories), in international academies; practices and guidelines in the research about “Economia Aziendale”. Research assessment and their impact on academic recruitment could be investigated too.

In this perspective, the History of Accounting education in Italy can be very useful to understand how “Economia Aziendale” changed over time.

Submissions for the themed issue are invited which include both:

  1. The Italian “Economia Aziendale”: origin and evolution of research praxis and their evaluation
  • Foundations of the discipline: the precursors
  • Language and specificities of the Italian “Economia Aziendale”
  • Importing international frameworks and theories
  • Local or global nature of the classical and contemporary “Economia Aziendale”
  • Evolution of research evaluation practices in the academic community
  • Italian “Economia Aziendale” and research communication to the international academic community
  • Academic recruitment and research trends
  1. Accounting education in Italian Universities
  • Universities, schools of “Economia Aziendale” and teaching practices
  • Teaching programs and research evolution
  • Evolution of the accounting education techniques
  • Teaching and relations with the professional world
  • Teaching and relations with the business world
  • Isolation vs. collaboration among disciplines of “Economia Aziendale”
  • University reforms and their impacts on teaching practices
  • Developments of content in doctoral programs
  • Evolution of post-graduate training
  • Student learning assessment: continuity and renewal


Publishing opportunities

Best papers could be submitted, after a double blind peer review, to the following journals: Accounting History, Accounting History Review, The Accounting Historians Journal, De Computis. Revista Española de Historia de la Contabilidad, Contabilità e Cultura Aziendale, Economia Aziendale online, Rivista dei Dottori Commercialisti, Rivista Italiana di Ragioneria e di Economia Aziendale (Italian Accounting Review).