Convegno Nazionale AIDEA

Dipartimento di Studi Aziendali - Università degli Studi Roma Tre
Roma, 14-15 Settembre 2017

Evento realizzato con l'Alto Patronato del Presidente della Repubblica

Dipartimento di Studi Aziendali

Session 9 – Generating and promoting a “culture of sustainability” via a multidisciplinary approach.

Home Session 9 – Generating and promoting a “culture of sustainability” via a multidisciplinary approach.

Session Chairs: Maria Claudia Lucchetti, Antonio Matacena e Simona Romani

The session aims to promote the debate on a key topic via the interaction between different research know-how and methodologies. The main objective is to create functional proposals for the sustainable development of businesses and production systems.

As is known, the concept of sustainability has evolved from a merely environmental field to a more articulated one which also includes economic, social and cultural diversity aspects. Overall, it is a complex multidimensional system, with businesses at its centre, in which such aspects interact in a synergic manner. This implies the need for a different way of considering structures, systems, processes, materials and products that are created via a more efficient use of resources according to a circular economy paradigm. This entails a strategic involvement of institutions and society as a whole. Specifically, universities are called to play a role not only as centres of applied research, but also as centres for the dissemination of a “culture of sustainability” via the formation of professional figures with ever-widening and integrated competences which are necessary for promotion within businesses and institutions of sustainable systems. Educational programs and actions, support and technical assistance are needed to foster the adoption of clean, innovative and sustainable technologies on behalf of industry and of all the major stakeholders of the productive sector.

There is also need for businesses that are willing to sustain levels of accountability that reward communicative activities concerning such themes.

The session will be structured in terms of 4 main tracks all of which are related to the above mentioned aspects which are also listed below:

  1. Methodologies and tools for sustainability evaluation
  2. Ethical and social aspects of sustainability
  3. Managerial aspects and strategies for sustainability development
  4. Technological aspects of sustainability

Within the area of each of the above mentioned tracks the following issues will be addressed in detail:

  • The dimensions of sustainability
  • Innovation for sustainable production
  • Sustainable mobility
  • Life cycle thinking: perspectives for a sustainable economy
  • Life cycle assessment and life cycle management
  • Industrial symbiosis
  • Technology, quality and innovation for a sustainable future
  • Sustainable production and consumption
  • CSR, ethics and tools for social sustainability
  • Green economy and green technology management
  • Industrial ecology and environmental management systems
  • Eco-innovation
  • Reduction and substitution of potentially dangerous processes and products
  • Tools for the development of a culture of sustainability and social accountability
  • Promotion of more environmentally friendly materials and technologies
  • Tools for the estimation and reduction of environmental risks
  • Quality management for sustainable production
  • Tools for the certification of sustainability
  • Sustainability strategies
  • The role of institutions in promoting sustainability

Publishing opportunities

Best papers could be submitted, after a double blind peer review, to the following journals: Journal Of Cleaner Production, Sustainability.